Green Building

We Believe in GREEN!!!


    As part of our commitment to Rockford, we are working towards establishing our official Headquarters at 620 Buckbee Street in downtown Rockford. This beautiful, 51,000 sq. ft. building is the former headquarters of the Testors Corporation toy company and was, long ago, the home of Buckbee Seeds.

    Our founder has recommended the commissioning of a complete green overhaul of the building and is working tirelessly to bring it to proper, modern code. We want to use the upgraded building as a beacon/model for all, not just in our vision for the city of Rockford, IL, but for all of the neighborhoods we hope to affect in a positively green manner!

    But our vision goes beyond this one building. Project Uplift is not only concerned about the lives of those in the area; we also want to bring new life to the area. We would like for everyone in the neighborhood surrounding our headquarters to be involved in the goal of transforming this area into a Historical District.

    We hope that our mission not only helps the community, but reinvigorates it!

    You can learn more about the Buckbee Family by reading our brief history of the Buckbee family and building.
Stayed Tuned!!!