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Project UPlift NFP is a 501(c) (3) non profit organization whose mission is dedicated to homeless prevention, community development, unemployment, and to the provision of necessary resources to Low Income Families. Our main goal is to rebuild deteriorated neighborhoods in order to make them safe for all with a focus on those previously mentioned, underprivileged families, the disabled, the elderly, as well as immigrants & refugees. Our mission is to provide support, structure, and educational classes for these individuals in order to make their dreams of owning a home become a reality. All of our new construction homes will be Modular homes being built by Rochester Homes and Ruffolo Builders, Sustainable homes that will provide increased energy efficiency, reduction in waste, pollution, and environmental degradation, as well as an overall healthier, living environment. Visit us and to  see the beautiful floor plans and what makes these homes green

We are reaching out you for all types of help in the form of donations ranging from food, household supplies, and clothing to books, technologies, and monetary donations. If your business is interested in donating to Project Uplift NFP, we would greatly appreciate your time, input, and most importantly, your financial support. Our Key Fundraiser will be a "Dream House Raffle" for a NEW HOME or $70,000 CASH PRIZE!  Tickets will require a minimum donation of $20 and all proceeds will go to helping homeless, disadvantaged individuals and families in Rockford. Make a Difference!!

In addition to the Dream Home Raffle, we have other programs to help uplift the community, and surrounding communities, of Rockford, IL:

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  • Collection and Distribution of Donations: By collecting donations of food, household items, books, and technology from members of the community, we will help those in need manage a little better. We will provide full recognition of all donations from individuals, families, and businesses.
  • ITeach-ILearn ProgramA recent study of the labor market in Rockford, and its surrounding areas noted that workers within this geographical location do, in fact, possess good skills but need to broaden those skills, and market themselves more specifically, in order to gain success. That is the goal of our ITeach-ILearn Center: to teach underprivileged, low income, uneducated, or simply "down on their luck" individuals the most updated and modern job searching skills for today and to help them learn new, cutting edge skills that allow for them to apply for a wider range of jobs; possibly even new careers.
  •  Revitalizing the Rockford CommunityWe are working on a complete green renovation of the historic Buckbee Building in downtown Rockford, with the goal of making this beautiful building our organization’s headquarters. We will also work with nearby businesses to transform this area into a historical district.
  •  Emphasizing Green BuildingWe want to see Rockford become a model of environmental awareness and action! Any of our future home building projects will be in the form of green, sustainable places of residence that will provide increased energy efficiency, reduce waste, pollution, and environmental degradation, and create a healthier overall living environment. We will also be incorporating green building, alternative energy, and LEED training into our ITeach-ILearn program.

We are extremely excited to take the reins in revitalizing the City of Rockford, Winnebago Co., as well as all of Northern Illinois. We are strong in our conviction that these avenues will clearly allow for the achievement of our ultimate vision to put the GREEN back in the rich "Forest City" community.

Please consider Project Uplift NFP. Thank you kindly for your consideration and time. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, or feel as though you have input to share, please do not hesitate to contact Project Uplift NFP directly at



Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to seeing you join us in our efforts to uplift the community of Rockford, Illinois!!!

The Project UPlift Team


 "Project Uplift NFP's Mission is to raise up individuals within their communities".  (Project Uplift Spokesperson)


    Project Uplift NFP's Mission is to raise up individuals within their communities.  Our first project, launched in 2011, is taking place in Rockford, IL but we will expand to other communities as our organization grows. To learn more about why we chose the city of Rockford, we invite you to watch a brief video:


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    Our multifaceted approach to community development includes preventing homelessness, providing training and education in the ITeach-ILearn area of our headquarters, and revitalizing communities through environmental improvement and assisting those most in need: underprivileged families, children, the disabled, the elderly, immigrants and refugees.

We have four program areas:

  • Raising funds to help homeless and underprivileged families through our Dream Home Raffle.
  • Collecting and distributing donations for needy families.
  • Providing job search training, help writing resumes, and job skills training.
  • Renewing and bringing life back to the community through the green renovation of our headquarters in the historic Buckbee building in downtown Rockford.
We were founded in 2005 and received our 501(c)(3) determination in 2010.


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Of course, we cannot do our work alone and we are grateful to our many volunteers and sponsors.   To learn more about our work, we invite you to explore this website and follow us oTwitter and Facebook.


[SIDEBAR] A message from our co-founder and board member, Anthony Ruffolo:

 “With the support of people from all walks of life, we are confident that Project Uplift NFP’s efforts will help to reverse the current state of those suffering and in need.  We believe that improving the community, as well as the environment, go hand in hand.  We seek long-term, personal relationships with our supporters, sponsors, and affiliates and thank you in advance for your concern and assistance with regards to the future of our planet and those inhabiting it.”


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