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Project Uplift NFP functions as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to homeless prevention, community development, and individual reintroduction into every day, productive society.  Our mission is predominantly based upon personal and Green, environmental improvement, and to the provision of necessary resources to low income individuals/families, with the intentions of mentoring and educating those ready to overcome their current life circumstances. 


Our website focuses on sharing and promoting the goals, affiliates, and accomplishments of Project Uplift as a virtual hub for the coming together of each and every community that we are able to touch in a positive manner.  The primary mission of Project Uplift centers on raising up individuals, and their communities, by infusing environmental consciousness and ultimately establishing healthy environments in which these individuals may succeed.  Our wish is for all those in need to utilize this site in order to transcend their current circumstances with intentions of bettering their quality of life.


Project Uplift NFP

We Believe in Green!

Project Uplift NFP is currently working towards establishing our official Headquarters at 620 Buckbee St., Rockford, IL 61104. It is a beautiful, 51,000 sq. ft. building that was the former Headquarters of the Testors Corporation toy company. Our founder has recommended the commissioning of a complete Green overhaul of the building and is working tirelessly to bring it to proper, modern code. We have been preparing for this in an effort to use the upgraded building as a beacon/model for all to use, not just in our vision for the city of Rockford, IL, but for all of the neighborhoods in which we hope to affect in a positively Green manner!


Recent Accomplishments and Activities:
Project Uplift NFP was established in 2005. We recently passed our one year anniversary for 501c3 determination. We were officialized on February 19, 2010. Project Uplift NFP is now conducting a raffle in order to raise funds and will be using two of the ten lots recently donated on which to build the home that will be awarded to our Grand Prize Winner. In addition to this project, Project Uplift has been long affiliated with Catholic Charities, a local charity in Rockford, IL that assists in the placement of immigrants and refugees.

Our Vision: Team-Driven Success



We are working towards establishing the “ITeach-ILearn” Program in order for Project Uplift NFP to realize this goal. It is a wonderful program that we know will allow for us to carry out our mission successfully, and continuously, for years to come. It is our immediate goal to plan on setting aside space in the building for Learning and Resource centers. This Resource area will be used for those who require or request help with resume building, job hunting, and general IT needs. Our Learning area will be used for education in Green Technologies, Alternative Energy, LEED Certification, and High Efficiency Living Practices as well as other skills that will allow for these individuals to immediately apply for positions in which to build a career upon. We are also working towards the accomplishment of offering Trade Education for those in need of career direction. Ultimately, we hope that many will be able to begin careers, and specific job opportunities, that are created and supported by Project Uplift and its supporters/sponsors/ affiliates.



A Closer Look at Project Uplift NFP




Along with everything mentioned across our website, our founder suggested a wonderful idea that goes right along with his vision for the community of Rockford, IL as well as all of the communities that we look forward to helping in the future. Along with the historical Herman Buckbee Building (future Project Uplift HQ) is the Testors Corporation (former tenant of Buckbee Building), and the Behr Company (Neighbor). We would like for everyone in this area to be involved in the ambition of transforming this area into a Historical District. Not only is Project Uplift concerned about the lives of those in the area, but we want to bring life to the area. We hope that our mission, not only helps the community, but reinvigorates it! Project Uplift NFP: “Uplifting the Communities We Care About”.

Our first project, launched in 2011, is taking place in Rockford, IL but we will expand to other communities as our organization grows. To learn more about why we chose the city of Rockford, we invite you to watch a brief video:

YouTube Video



Thank you kindly for your interest in Project Uplift NFP and our dreams for the community.  Please connect with us on the web.  We hope to work with you all very soon.