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A recent study of the Rockford Area Labor Market shows that the quality of this labor market is, in fact, the highest it has been in the last decade, but more training is still needed to help employers find qualified candidates in their “tough to fill” positions.
Another report noted that workers have good skills, but need to broaden those skills and learn to market themselves better. ( Latest Articles


    Project Uplift NFP has a plan to help people in the Rockford area gain marketable skills and improve their chances of finding work.

    The ITeach-ILearn program, to be held in our downtown headquarters, will include a Resource area and Learning area for all to use whether you are teaching, participating, or volunteering in any of the registered services.

· The Resource area will be used for those who require or request help with resume building, job hunting, and general IT needs.

· The Learning area will be used for education in green technologies, alternative energy, LEED certification, and high efficiency living practices as well as other skills for building a successful career. We also plan to incorporate trade education into our program.

Ultimately, we hope that people will launch new careers and take advantage of specific job opportunities that are created and supported by Project Uplift and its supporters, sponsors, and affiliates.

We look forward to seeing you soon!!

The Project Uplift Team




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