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Homelessness Prevention

  Prevent Homelessness

Numbers tell the story for many families in Rockford:

· 11% of Rockford's Homeless have jobs.

· Low Income Families and Low Income people, in general, put 80% of their income toward housing.

· Rockford Public Housing Authority has a wait list of 2,000 people.

· Public Housing receives 100 new applications per month. (Source:

· As of March, 2011, the foreclosure rate in Winnebago County was 2.65%, just slightly higher than Illinois (2.55%), but significantly higher than neighbouring states like Wisconsin (1.35%) and Indiana (1.07%). (Source: AP Economic Stress Index)

We saw a community in need so we decided to act. By collecting donations of household goods and food, we can help needy families.

We also seek to prevent homelessness by raising funds for prevention programs through a dream house raffle. Only 10,000 tickets are being sold and the lucky winner will receive a new home or a cash prize of $70,000.

Our dream home raffle also showcases the potential for modular homes to be an affordable and environmentally-friendly housing solution. To learn more about the environmental benefits of modular homes, we invite you to visit the website of our homebuilding sponsor, Rochester Homes.